We have our precious ballett dancing Leader Kyungil, who always trys to be ‘not funny’, but that makes him lot more Funnier:

He is just Sexy as Hell:

The Next One is my dear Friend from Busan , Sihyoung:

He is a really hansome rapper and he always looks like a model:

Once, Jaejoong convinced Changmin and Junsu to go inside their van and locked Yoochun out of the van. Yoochun came and knocked but the three just laughed and laughed inside. Yoochun called his mobile phone but the three won’t answer him. He knocked and knocked but the three continued on laughing inside. Yunho came out of the apartment and knocked once. The three stopped laughing and open the van immediately.


Must reblog every time its on your dash. Cassie Law

Jaehwan demonstrating his skills to Hongbin.

MTV Diary Ep. 45

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jinyoung tripping during A and laughing about it (´∀`)


Soohyun makes Jun nervous (; ̄▽ ̄)

140720 VIXX Live Fantasia “Hex Sign” | do not edit.

140720 VIXX Live Fantasia “Hex Sign” do not edit.

Zico getting shut down


so that’s the truth

you cute pabo